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Kashmir latest news

Kashmir Current Affairs People over the Indian-administered side of Kashmir lined for quite a long time outside petroleum stations and money machines on Sunday following an elevating of safety efforts that has incited fears of distress. A great many travelers and Hindu pioneers have been emptied since Friday, after the …

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Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty is reviled. Pakistan is a poor and immature nation. A large portion of its populace lives in completely antagonistic conditions. A few reports uncover that more than 40% populace of Pakistan lives underneath the line of poverty. Four out of 10 Pakistanis are living in intense poverty with the …

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Facebook’s Libra Coin Frightening, Company Co-Founder Says

He approached controllers internationally to approach the Facebook move with “comprehensive” examination.Facebook prime supporter Chris Hughes, who started the call to separate the person to person communication goliath, has named the new advanced currency Libra “startling”. In a progression of tweets, Hughes said Libra has far to go before being …

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